Dave Gilbank’s three little words for screenwriters

Tadah’s Creative Director Dave Gilbank has some words of advice for budding screenwriters.
“Often when people hear that you write screenplays and make films they say to you ‘I’ve got a great idea for a film. It’s about a goat that survived the D-Day landings and fell in love with a walrus’ or something like that.
If I had a penny for every time someone has said to me the words ‘I’ve got a great idea for a film’(IGAGIFAF) I would probably have £2.47. While it’s not a huge sum, £2.47 could buy me some Aldi sliced ham, or quarter of a pint in London.
I would say that most people who’ve seen a film at least once in their lives will say ‘IGAGIFAF’.
That’s the easy bit.
The hard part is writing it.
Then writing something half-good, then re-writing it into something less than terrible, then finding the juice and will-power to write something that’s pretty good.
People with IGAGIFAF often have never considered what it takes to turn it into an actual film screenplay.
They don’t know how you hone, you write, you butcher, you dismember your writing, you take out the good bits, put them back in, then replace them with something better (or worse). You cry, you laugh, you scream, you call your writing partner and have an argument. You leave it for a month then finish it in a week.
So, to summarise: I am not going to write your idea. I’m going to spend my limited mental powers and drive into writing my own IGAGIFAF.
Got a good idea for a film?

Go write it!”


Dave’s latest film co written with Paul Renhard and Gemma Head is out now to buy on dvd  https://tribal.film/polterheist/





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