India Calling Productions is a film & television company created by the team behind Tadah!

India Calling Productions have a slate of highly commercial feature film projects, all scripted and ready to go. Our current film ‘Polterheist’ has won numerous awards around the world.

A dark gangster horror comedy set in the underworld of Yorkshire.

Two hapless criminals have just 48 hours to recover the drug money stolen by their boss. But they can’t simply ask him where it is…because they’ve just murdered him.

The Exorcist meets the Sixth Sense in this exciting horror thriller.

It’s election year and the West Wing is already struggling to keep the First Lady out of the headlines. And then she starts seeing ghostly figures stalking the White House.

A rock ’n’ roll fairy tale set against the backdrop of the Falklands War.

A young fan tries to bring live Heavy Metal back to Middlesbrough. Along the way he’ll tangle with a local crime boss, brawl with a Rock God and accidentally kill a sheep.

A thriller miniseries set in post-war Germany.

An American soldier hunting a wanted nazi finds himself in a remote forested region, where he stumbles across something much more sinister and dangerous.

Tadah! Cinematographer Charles Leek