Podcasts offer brands and businesses a superb platform for getting their message across in new and engaging ways. We offer a full podcast production service, and can help with everything from planning to publishing.

We can help with any aspect of podcast production. You may only need professional editing and post-production of existing audio. Or you may want to create a podcast series from scratch.


Before recording, we’ll help you plan your podcast so that it achieves your objectives. We’ll help with scripting. We can cast and source talent and guests.

We can arrange studios, remote links or locations for recording. And we’ll give advice on distribution and promotion.

We can arrange to record remotely or can set up a studio base.

We also record lots of podcasts remotely. We can advise on studio quality microphones and equipment and link hosts and guests from home.

Wherever you record, we’ll make your podcast sound as good as it can


We’ll work with you to edit the recordings into engaging episodes. This may involve applying sound design and creating branding elements.

Then we’ll help you get your podcast published with all the major podcast platforms.

We can also advise on your podcast content for online sharing, and repurpose for other uses, including social media marketing.


Podcasts need not be expensive to produce. Cost will depend on several factors. Whether you have your own host or employ external talent. The number and length of episodes you produce.

Whether we record in a studio, remotely or on location. The complexity of sound design and production elements required.

We can talk you through all the elements to produce a high quality podcast Call us for a quotation.


It was a really great experience, and I genuinely enjoyed it, you have a fantastic team at Tadah!
Thanks so much everyone is blown away by the quality

Andy Ince Director of Energi


If you’d like to talk to us about podcast production, just give us a call, drop us an email or complete our contact form.

    We produce, manage and market podcasts for creators and brands. We’re the perfect blend of producers and marketers who believe high quality should always be the driving force.

    Whether your goal is to build a community, boost your personal brand or generate leads, podcasting is the modern way to achieve this. The podcast industry is growing at an incredible rate and there is so much opportunity to make an impact, let us create you a show that will win you new business, launch new communities or raise your profile.

    Share your story with the world — and discover the value of podcasting.