Paul Renhard introduces the latest addition to Tadah!

Paul Renhard is excited about the latest addition to Tadah!

Yes, it’s a camera, but not just any camera, it’s Blackmagic Design’s new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and I have to say it’s my new best friend.
Now there are some who think I like our cameras more than people and to that I say…hell yes! For a start you don’t have to talk to a camera or pretend to listen to their stories. And for seconds I don’t know any people who can record 4k images in all the varieties of Black Magic RAW and Pro Res! The quality of the images this camera can produce are simply stunning and I don’t know of any machine that comes close for the money. Heck Blackmagic even throw in almost £300 worth of software in the price!
We haven’t shot a Tadah! job on the BMPCC4k yet, but keep an eye on our vimeo channel and there’ll be some appearing on there very soon!
Meanwhile I’m off into the wilds of West Yorkshire with my new best friend. I may be some time!

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