Why a simple gift bag for clients is still relevant this Christmas

Tadah’s Sales & Marketing Director Rebecca Bonell reveals her top tips for getting gifting right.

Tip 1. Do it to get noticed

Drop offs are a simple way of introducing yourself and getting noticed. You shouldn’t expect anything back but always make sure you follow up. As daft as it sounds turning up with a bag of chocolates, or a tin of biscuits has got me through the door on many an occasion. It’s not a huge investment but it can give great returns.
Make the drop off relevant to a calendar event, Halloween or Valentine’s Day. I once dropped off all the ingredients for a lovely jug of Pimms: cucumber, oranges and lemonade just in time for Wimbledon. Christmas is a great time to give chocolates and you could make January all about smoothies and Graze boxes.
Make sure your drop off stands out. Be a little bit different, basic but with a twist and make it fun, I really like that sort of thing and for me that really works. You could try old-fashioned sweets like sherbet fountains or refreshers.
Or how about emailing your clients office on a Thursday and letting  them know they won’t need lunch on Friday as you will be sending them pizza. Or if you know that they go out on a Thursday organise McDonalds to be delivered Friday morning for breakfast.

Tip 2. Do it to remind the client who you are

Make sure they never forget you by personalising your drop offs. Keep it simple, less is more, as you are usually dropping at an office think of the things you would eat at your desk. Buy for the client, make it even more personal to them.
Make it different, give them an afternoon tea with a tray of sandwiches, scones, jam and cream, everything they would need (including the napkins). In the summer, drop off ice lollies or ice creams.
A drop off helps to make friends with other members of your client’s team, make sure you don’t just drop off for the marketing department but also the receptionist.

Tip 3. Do it as a thank you

A box of Krispy Kremes is great as a thank you but everyone does that these days, so why not do something a little bit different. Everyone loves Haribo or chocolate, I usually give Cadbury chocolates as they are purple, the same as Tadah! so everything ties together beautifully.
If you know your client likes a certain film, like the new Star Wars then tailor the bag to that. For film buffs give a bag complete with popcorn, sweets and a huge bag of Revels, we all love Revels!


It’s all about being smart and just putting in a bit of thought for each client. If you engage with the client that tiny point of difference can be the key.
Keep it simple, people love treats, it really is nothing more than that.

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