Paul Renhard says ‘Happiness is a new trolley’

Our Commercial Director Paul Renhard made a startling admission recently:

“Last week I got very excited about a trolley” he told us:
“Now before you roll your eyes and decide how sad and empty I am, let me attempt to explain…
…Charles, one of our videographers is the proud owner of a very expensive Sachtler trolley, for his very expensive Sachtler bag, which contains his even more expensive camera equipment.
Young Charles never misses an opportunity to parade his expensive trolley on every shoot we do.
‘Look everyone how easily and comfortably I transport my equipment around’ says Charles.

Yes. I admit I suffer from green eyed trolley-envy but I just can’t justify spending the money on a proper trolley so I’d always managed just fine without one.
Then I wandered into Home Bargains and happened upon an amazing folding trolley for just £19.99!

Now, I have to admit my initial impressions of this bargain trolley weren’t very good because my camera bag kept falling off.
And then I had a lightbulb moment…why don’t I secure the bag in the same way as Charles’s flash, diamond encrusted, 24 carat gold Sachtler trolley?
Keeping my bag on the trolley this way has changed my life. All I needed was a set of decent bungee cords and I was good to go.
It’s important to note that the wheels on my trolley are bigger than Charles’s so mine copes with uneven city pavements much better than his sad Sachtler with its tiny little itsy-bitsy wheels.
OK, so now you’re convinced I really am a sad and empty husk of a human being. But I don’t care a jot, because I’ve got a beautiful new trolley”.

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