Karl Svenson’s Top Tips for Producing Highly Effective Radio Ads

We asked our Senior Producer Karl Svenson how he produces a radio ad.
“When I’m producing a radio commercial, I read the ad carefully. Then I try to understand what the writer wants to convey to the listener.
If I don’t get it, I give the writer a call to clarify. I’ll discuss with the writer how he wants it to sound. There are a lot of producers who think they don’t need anyone else’s input. But usually, the copywriter has met the client and got an understanding for what they want. Their input can be crucial.
Next, I check for things that may be blatantly wrong. For example, someone’s maths may not be up to scratch, or there may be typos in the copy that affect how the script sounds. So always double check.
Don’t forget to check for the pronunciation of names, be that people’s names, place names or product names.  If I am not sure I check with the writer, or even get on the phone and call the client.  I’ve often done this, as names can be particularly tricky to get right.  The client will give you first-hand knowledge of the correct pronunciation.
There is a great example in this radio ad. The name of the product, Waring’s Bakery, could have been pronounced in various ways, but a quick call confirmed the right way to say it.
To sum up, if you’re not 100% sure, check”.

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