For Rebecca Bonell the end of the year means one thing – the dreaded review.

Every year at this time, I ask myself the same thing. How can I showcase the roaring successes we’ve enjoyed this year at Tadah and India Calling Productions? Via a top 40, with full countdown or a creative little poem?
Then I thought, no, this is my time, my chance to review what really happened at our office in pod 007 at The Sharp Project. Yes, 2018 has brought us immense success but throughout all the red carpets and the glittering awards, personally I have suffered greatly.
Let me explain.
Paul Renhard wears a khaki green fleece to work. Yes, he really does. Sometimes he hides it defiantly under the presentable jacket that I forced him to buy for meetings. Everyone believes him to be some kind of saint but he is not. ‘On brand’ to him means his treasured Home Bargains camera bag and his Aldi trainers. I mean, he was responsible for one of the most powerful anti-Aldi ad campaigns ever and he happily waltzes into their establishments and sports their clothing without a care.
David Gilbank still insists on being Gilbank, he’s just relentless at it and has been ALL year. It’s exhausting. Cricket, films, boiled eggs and the inhalation of whole chickens at lunch. I can’t take it. On a Mayoral visit he masqueraded as Andy Burnham’s lifelong friend with such conviction that Andy dashed in to our office. Obviously, he left immediately when he looked around and realised he had no idea who we were. It’s really embarrassing.
Karl Svenson is the exception. Dear calm Karl, great in an IT crisis, loved by voiceover artists and it turns out, top podcaster and editor. Karl is Tadah’s most popular director and has had a great year.
So I hear you ask, why am I still here?
Well, Polterheist did get screened at Cineworld Leicester Square as part of The British Independent Film Festival, then at Feratum in Mexico and has gone on to win over ten laurels around the world.

At Tadah we worked with some fantastic clients like Bargain Booze, the NHS, Smooth Radio and The Claims Guys who continue to stretch us and we thank them all.
Also, I have had the best time with Jackie, our accounts guru/office goddess, aka ”Jackie O’Malley as The Barmaid” in Polterheist.
So, here’s to more chicken, boiled eggs and the always exciting first day of principal photography on our next film.
See you in 2019, hopefully in a Stella McCartney dress.
Rebecca Bonell
‘Receptionist’ at Tadah and India Calling Productions.

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